2 Our conviction

Henri Ford said: « The two core assets do not appear on the balance sheet of the company are its people and its reputation. »

Company’s reputation is a high value asset which requires a daily attention.

It broke into the Management Committees, board of directors conversations & decisions.

It impacts the “business” corporate culture.

Human is the source of sustainable progress and innovation. It’s the same for your communication. Capitalize on it!

The change is on! Com’I/O is involved!
Ultimately, we believe that these assets will be among the criterias for its valutation.

3 Our vision

Our approach is not communication, but communicationS: PR, digital, content marketing, influence, corporate/product integrated coms.

Com’I/O integrates key skills for an effective communication: 2.0 PR, digital, SEO, Inbound/Outbound, brand content/storytelling, video/ blogging, crisis management and training.

Com’I/O preaches “Brand Culture” & advocates relational vs. Top down communication. This aims the congruence between reputation and the company publics!

Its transverse approach to business allows the agency to identify the niches of excellence, enhance its culture, values, individual and collective intelligence.

4 Our missions

Our missions are :

Accompany the companies digital transformation,

Engage spokespersons in effective communication,

Protect the (e)reputation,

Measure the impact and support its growth

Com’I/O, believes that:

Our cross channels approach focused on the brand, its publics provides them with a high ROI/ROR.

The success of its approach is based on the state of mind to build together

The will to engage,

To be authentic and respectful of your audiences

Work on your communications vs consider it like silos